a gifted team that creates awe-inspiring projects for companies that “get it”

Our Story

We’re an international team of seasoned storytelling experts and creative out-of-the-box thinkers, business strategists, SEO and content marketers, graphic designers and video producers.  Our unique fusion of global talent and content distribution platforms provides experience, lifestyle and hospitality companies with the expertise needed to create new forms of content that aren’t seen as “advertising”.

We’re creatively obsessed with redefining outdated marketing approaches by producing and marketing rich media branding and crafting meaningful storytelling content to share unique and authentic voices with worldwide audiences.


The Back Story

Understanding the need for an innovative approach centering around storytelling for marketing Beauty, Lifestyle and Hospitality companies, Maria Camille founded A BIG Production Company (BIG) in 1995.

Within a few years, Camille’s success prompted the production of The Beauty Show TV series.  The Beauty Show aired for over eight years on Comcast, ION, ABC, Web TV, and airline in-flight programming worldwide.  Soon after, The Beauty Show exploded to become a global brand by becoming one of the first U.S. TV shows to air in China.

After 20+ years of success, Camille – in true forward-thinking fashion – injected BIG with inspiring new blood by transitioning the company to A BIG Production Group – a modern, avant-gardist group of millennial visionaries.  These global visionaries, along with Maria’s experience, resources and celebrity, are revolutionizing traditional media practices to bring BIG at the cutting edge of new media production.


The Future of New Media

BIG recognized the cross-platform direction new media was heading and most recently launched Enjoy Beauty International (EBI) magazine.  BIG once again used its signature storytelling and stunning visuals to produce EBI, which earned the magazine a digital design award within the first week of its inception.  BIG’s latest magazine project, Vici International, aims to build on EBI’s success to digitally deliver its imagination to the world.

The BIG team sees new trends for the future – “Today, the average person’s attention span is just eight seconds.  Eight seconds – let that sink in.  Accordingly, attention has become a commodity for companies and marketers.  It’s no secret that companies are worried that the ‘new generations’ are not receptive to their messages.  Millennials, in particular, have developed the most sophisticated bullsh*t detectors in history.  In the near future, we believe marketing will become about meaningful short stories driven by visuals and videos.  These ‘experience’ narratives will be produced specifically for social media and content platforms.  Most notably, long articles of fluff and little substance will become completely extinct, along with any content that looks or feels like an advertisement.”

We’re creative thinkers with expertise in world travel, lifestyle and business strategies.  We redefine outdated marketing by producing rich media storytelling to share an authentic voice with worldwide audiences.

Our team focuses on iconic creativity.  We position and differentiate our clients so that their brand message is fresh and cuts through the ear-deafening noise of traditional media.